Please note that spots for all classes are limited.

You may be wait-listed in partnered add-ons! We’ll try our best!

Like last year we are offering 60 minute add-on classes! These are booked independently from your regular classes. You may choose to just book add-ons, one each day as they are running parallel, and take it easy to save all your energy for social dancing which is great value for time!


Traffic Jam with Laia and Gustav: fun moves for the Jam Circle.

In Lindy Hop, it is common for jam circles to take place on or around special occasions such as birthdays or weddings. In these cases, the person(s) being celebrated will usually stay in the circle for the duration of the jam and, rather than dance one song with one partner, will dance one song but swap partners many times throughout.*Wikipedia*

Jamming in dance culture is a kind of informal show-off during a social danceparty. Dancers clear a circle (jam circle or dance circle) and dancers or dance couples take turns showing their best tricks while the remaining dancers cheer the jammers on. While some jam circles are staged, most form organically and spontaneously when the energy and mood is right.*Wikipedia*

Level: intermediate/advanced and up – preferably partnered


Balboa Level 1 with Abeth and Martynas:  Level – at least advanced beginners to intermediate level – preferably partnered


Jazz steps in Lindy Hop with Clàudia and Ali: how and where to put jazz steps into your dancing. Level: intermediate up – preferably partnered


Swing Out Clinic with Laia and Gustav:

The swingout: In this step’s open position, each dancer is generally connected hand-to-hand; in its closed position, leads and follows are connected as though in an embrace on one side and holding hands on the other. *Wikipedia*

Gustav and Laia will explore the basics and then move on to variations of the most basic and yet intriguing move of the Lindy Hop.

Take your swing out to the next level. Level: intermediate/advanced and up – preferably partnered


Musical storyline with Abeth and Martynas:

Understand the musical structure of swing and use that knowledge to feel how music tells a story, which you can reflect in your dance!

A person considered musical has the ability to perceive and reproduce differences in aspects of music including pitch, rhythm, and harmony.*Wikipedia*

Ask any follower – they absolutely love musical dancing more than a random sequence of moves. Level: intermediate up – preferably partnered


Musicality with Clàudia and Ali: dancing to musical phrasings and breaks : Level: intermediate up – preferably partnered – FULLY BOOKED